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convicted. and nsa leaker edward snowden gets asylum. both are being celebrated in some circles, but are they really heroes? >>> welcome to "the journal editorial report." well, if you fund it, you're for it. that's the message this week from a group ofseative lawmakers to fellow republicans as they continue their push to make defunding obama care part of a deal to keep the government running past september. the plan, which could result in a government shutdown, is being met with resistance by some in the gop, with critics calling it political suicide. florida senator rubio had this message for the skeptical senators. >> if we pass this, you did not do everything you could. you paid for this. you doubled down on it. in ways that will have harm to our country. this is our last best chance. >> joining the panel this week, "wall street journal" columnist and deputy editor dan he ddinger. assistant editor james freeman. and washington columnist kim strasle. so, dan, this rubio strategy, what do you think of it? >> i think it's probably -- other than the fund-raising possibilities fo
goats? in 2011, the house of reps passed a bill that created the nsa's telephone meta data collection program. you remember that? but last week, the house barely voted down an amendment that would have killed the program. many voted against the tsa program this time including 50 who just two years ago voted to authorize it. so former george w. bush speechwriter added that this closes an intelligence gap that made the 9/11 attacks possible. anyway, prefer to focus on this. by the way, i meant to say nsa, not tsa. and the person who made that mess take on the prompter is now going to be punished at my apartment. so he says when terrorists succeed -- if this nsa program is taken away, the answer will be it's your fault. that sounds like something you would say. >> yeah. i would say that. i am so tired of both sides of the aisle the more ons that we e sending to washington. i'm going to make some hay off of it. and the great washington game, that they never like to actually talk about is that the congressman and the senators get briefed in on programs constantly. and they always know abou
toicatey and juan williams are joining us. >> first nsa and then the fbi snooping on us. what you need to know before you log on to the computer. . that's why the internet needs a new kind of server. one that's 80% smaller. uses 89% less energy. and costs 77% less. it's called hp moonshot. and it's giving the internet the room it needs to grow. this going to be big. it's time to build a better enterprise. together. ♪ you're not made of money, so don't overpay for at insurance. geico, you're not made of money, see how much you could save. . >> wayne, you are up first my man. >> i like facebook. their earnings turned up and the stock up with it. i think you can hold on to it. it is a nail before the price. >> what about it john? >> don't own it, eric. i don't trust the government and i am beating against interest rates. they can't set wages or interest rates. i am betting on short term rates going up as well. and there is a two- year bond yield. i own it. >> i got it say you are hot with this and so ten seconds. >> i think it does eapproximately in the long-term. we'll so on t
the nsa, now the f.b.i. is snooping on us. what you need to know the next time you log on to your computer hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn? yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews. enjoy the relief! he. >> time for what do i need to know for next week. wayne, you're first. >> well, i like facebook. their earnings turned up repeatedly, the stock turned up with it and i think you can hold on to it. it's above its original offering a price. >> i like that, too. a lot of money managers will have to buy into that number what about it, john, you like it? >> don't own it, eric. but i don't trust the government. that's why i'm betting against interest rates. in fact, government can't set wages or interest rates. long-term rates jumped as. lotg this year. i'm betting on short-term rates going up.on et west goes up with a two-year bond yield. i think that's a good place to have a portion of your assets now and i own it.nd >> i got to say,
on the trail of nsa leaker edward snowden. he has eluded authorities by hiding out in a moscow airport. i knew we should have signed an extra decision treaty with au bon pain. well now, folks, this cybertraiter has flown the airport. more than a month after landing atmos you could's airport ed snowden now is on the move for the first time. the nsa leaker said to be leaving the airport, officially entering russia after being granted temporary asylum. >> stephen: yes, he has got answer sigh lum in russia where vladimir putin shares snowden's passion for transparency. and folks there is startling new information on the nsa's secret surveillance programs. it turns out even as he was on the run snowden had time to stop and take another leak. so let's get into the nitty-gritty details-- i'm sorry, i'm sorry, ladies and gentlemen, we will have to wait. i'm getting an oppressed white male alert. repeat. i have an oppressed white male alert. tonight's victim san diego mayor bob fillner. (laughter) >> stephen: he's being accused of sexual harassingment by eight different women as well as anyone looking
. >> consequences are being drawn from the nsa's global spying for graham. the foreign ministry has announced it is ending a kids- old surveillance agreement. it was a joint understanding. >> the decision comes as new reports show cooperation -- corporations working with authorities to gather private data. companies developed software to help in the surveillance. >> britain's a guest spy agency. it is reported to have even paid telecommunications customer need companies to snoop on customers. the data lines are utilized by internet users by other countries. >> we must untangle this web. intelligence agencies are the responsibility of the government. if private companies are involved that can only happen under special circumstances. >> german lawmakers want to know more about the spying revelations and what the government knew about british and american snooping activities. chancellor merkel's chief of staff is to be grilled again in 10 days time. >> how significant is the cancellation of the intelligence agreement with london and washington question mark this had been in the works for a while
, when attacks have come in the past. whether a new alarm has come from an intercept with the nsa or a spy, analysts say it stood out. >> to close multiple embassies shows the severity of the threat. >> reporter: and the alert is a kind of warning to the terrorists. >> that we are watching and aware, that those who may be talking about doing something harmful are aware that the u.s. is -- knowing what it is they're talking about. >> reporter: ten months after bengahzi, a warning that u.s. diplomats might again be targeted. and that ordinary travelers might be in more danger. the state department says the di danger might not diminish after sunday. that some of those embassies closed that day amay stay close. i'm steve handlesman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. >>> another step forward for the gay community. the united states will start treating visa applications of gay and lesbian spouses the same way it does as heterosexual. secretary of statement john kerry made the announcement today. essentially getting a visa for homosexual spouses will become easier. the move comes after th
latest on the nsa leaker and his life ahead. >> hi, there, mara. edward snowden has, it would appear, settled into his new russian life as quietly as he spent most of his almost six weeks ined is that transit zone inside moscow's airport. so quiet, in fact, that some paparazzi and journalists who were apparently stalking him all that time are calling it anticlimatic. the only information we're actually getting about snowden is coming from his lawyer anatoly kucherena. he found a place to stay, an undisclosed location in moscow. he is keen to learn the russian language and culture and looking, according to kucherena, for a job as a human rights activist. he's also giving up, apparently, on the idea of seeking asylum in any latin american country. that means that he's probably taking the advice of his father, lonnie snowden who told me in an interview we did on thursday from washington, d.c., that if he were his son, he would stay here in russia and make a life of it because it's a strong country, he said, that could resist extreme u.s. pressure to actually to hand his son over to face
the republicans are going to have a debate here about the role of government, both at home and abroad. the nsa spying, the surveillance, has that dpoen too far and are we getting involved in too many wars. >> before you get to that, you're seeing this what appeared to be just a personality conflict here and name calling. you heard chris christie say i'm not calling any names, but you heard it from the various sound bites from rand paul, so that p upstages any issues that would be the discuss, wouldn't you think is this. >> christie threw down the gauntlet first saying libertari libertarianism was a bad idea and christie of course has this reputation for tough talk and i guess paul has shown he's not going to back down from that, but i think they will move away from the personal jabs and we need to have a debate on the role of government, how far do we go in surveillance and spying and those sorts of things and we haven't had that debate. >> somehow, it seems people will have to get on track if that has to be the mantra. so how do you get to that point if there becomes this fighting of persona
while the intelligence operations that we have, such as some of the controversial nsa programs looking through the internet and scooping up foreign e-mails and websites, and you need a lot of information to derive a small amount of facts that tell you where the threats may come from, so there has been a lot of hype and hysteria about the program, and we don't know exactly how we got information about the threat you and i are discussing but i wouldn't be surprised if it was the very nsa programs that provided real material and assistance to come to the conclusion that we have. >> and obviously, many people agree with you. thank you for your insight, sir. >> thank you, kelly. >>> an egyptian police official calling on the supporters of mohamed morsi to stop their protesting over his removal of power. they are arguing it would allow the muslim brotherhood to return to a normal way, and we have the latest on that. >> for the last month or so both sides in egypt have taken a hard line refusing to give an inch but pressure from the united states and europe is beginning to show some progress
operatives. this article notes that's one of the main functions of the nsa. so you take a look at the embassy closings, they are officially for sunday but they could be extended, and there could be more closings in number. in fact, yesterday we were talking about a number of 21. that was updated overnight to 22 to include the consulate in b basra. they stretch across north africa and the middle east. peter king, who is a republican congressman, the chairman of the homeland security committee, says there is very little doubt to him something serious is being planned. >> let's talk about -- >> it's the most specific i've seen. i don't think i'm giving anything away when you look at the reaction to have 21 embassies being closed shows how seriously our government is taking it. >> and two u.s. officials say this threat is against not just the u.s. but broaden it out, western targets. in fact, britain and germany have also said they are going to close their embassies in yemen. >> and, emily, i think we had the chiron over peter king and that was actually -- we had it as chris hill. that was to be
: a grand jury investigating the security company that performed the background checks on nsa leaker edward snowden and nearly half of all government security checks. we'll take a closer look. >> arthel: and then we switch gears. just in time fort sidsling august -- for the sizzling august heat, "consumer reports" here with the very best ice cream. >> gregg: i'll take that one. >> arthel: and frozen yogurt at your local supermarkets. we begin with a fox news alert. a day of reckoning, several u.s. embassies and consulates across the muslim world now shut down, including the ones you see here in yemen and jordan. this all following this week's warning from the state department of a potential al-qaeda-linked terror plot against u.s. diplomatic posts in the middle east and north africa. possibly set to unfold even at this very hour. molly henneberg following the latest live from our dc bureau. the chairman of joint chiefs of staff now speaking out. what is he saying? >> general martin dempsey says this threat is coming from an al-qaeda affiliate. he describes it as a, quote, al-qaeda branch. a
. we have probably some nsa intel, some sigint, there is some sort of collaboration among these franchise groups. it m have something to do with the end of ramadan this coming week and a variety of other activities. you know, they smell some blood in the water perhaps, some weaknesses that we have demonstrated. and now, out o abundance of caution, as you indicate, neil, we are going to close things down. and i suspect, what you probably will not see, but is happening, is we're staging forward, in the ropean and african area of operations as well as central commd. we have special opering fors ready to go to the aid of some of these embassies. you won't that out until something happens. neil: wish we had done that in benghazi but that is then, this is now. what is interesting about all the reports and you guys certainly knowar more than i do you by see the name al qaeda popping up again and again and again. >> isn't that interesting. neil: i want to know your take on tha >> this is very interesting because this is an opportunity for the state department to dig themselves out
for recess. >>> the lawyer for julian assange. i will talk to him about edward snowden and whether the nsa leaker is safe. >>> it's a video that went shock viral. we'll tell you why it's significant. >>> it's high noon in the east. developing now new and alarming details on that worldwide travel alert issued by the state department. this comes after shutting down 22 u.s. embassy and consulates. it's unclear when they will reopen. the travel alert is in effect until next month. >> i'm quite concerned because i think there's going to be a big blow up pretty soon. i'm not sure what to anticipate because i don't know what the history is between the u.s. and this particular blow up in middle east. i'm thinking the u.s. is going to take pretty good care of us now. >> it always makes you nervous but you got to carry on. you just can't keep ongoing. you just got to go. it's the only way to get back there. >> the big question what potential threat would raise the ale alert level so high. what are officials telling you? >> reporter: they're saying it's based on fairly specific threat. they're not go
the nsa, snowden, what's the future of privacy and security issues? guest: this congress is going to take them up. we saw representtive rutchersburger was telling us yesterday before they headed home and they had a meeting at the white house to talk about the nsa that there appears to be an appetite for some type of additional layers of oversight. but we're going to see intel committee members and leadership, both parties on both sides of the building defending that nsa program. they're the people who get to read and see the things that are class fid that the rest of us don't and keep insisting the program is important and needs to be there. it will be a little bit of a fight, a disagreement moving forward. host: rod is next. caller: i had a question about congressman watt and the likelihood of him getting full enate confirmation to head the fhfa and what's so important about mel watt getting full senate confirmation? guest: i haven't been following that appointment very closely. we just saw some real stickler appointments going through the senate. he members of the nlrb, some in the e.p.
as their data. nsa told "the guardian" focuses and specifically deployed against legitimate foreign targets in response to requirements that our leaders need for information necessary to protect our nation and its interests. so, it's more revelations. we had the vote now, you know, a week ago in congress on nsa reform that was, that came surprisingly close to happening and i think the most interesting thing to me to come out of that, how funky these two coalitions were. basically half the democrats were for it and half the republicans were for it and half were against it. we have the new revelations this week. do you think this moves the issue on the ball at all? >> one thing i have been fascinated by is americans. they seem not to really care about this story. care about the idea that the government can sift through everything we sin. i think that's sort of the sleeping giant perhaps in this, but there is this strange coalition. i think if this, obviously, were a republican administration, you'd have much more vocal democrats. you had, i think, 100 of them vote with republicans on this. bu
. >> revelation that the nsa has been doing very, very deep spying of average citizens, aren't engaged in crime. now there is the key stroke technology. you know? >> yeah. right. >> isn't that oakland is trying to draw day line around it. say, sand, per se. >> entirely so. deaf niltly, national surveillance conversation we are having plays a lot into what is going on. there is some concern that oakland which has undeniably been in disarray for a while. may not be the best agency. [ indiscernible ] >> there are more eyes on the street with cameras. is this an agency you want having this awareness of your street. >> there are so few cops. we cannot target our policing with the few cops we have until we have enough cops. >> assuming they have somebody watching the cameras not using them after the fact. >> do they? >> that costs money. >> we don't know yet. >> before weave leave this topic. of law enforcement. josh, the supreme court rejected gary brown's request for a stay. insistence that the state release 10,000 criminals to get the population down. where does that leave jerry brown and public s
of chicken. with the threat come to take it seriously. melissa: what about the debate of letting the nsa listen to our conversations? >> absolutely this is a critical demonstration of the reach of american intelligence and be clear, and a say is designed to gather for intelligence it is not there to spy on us. we are insignificant unless we are cavorting with terrorists. so these programs sweeping the internet to look at e-mail or web sites or patterns may well have been a contributing factor. that is a question for members of congress to ask with classified briefings. melissa: ambassador bolted, thank you so much. up next to no how hard it is to do a show with doughnuts cokie nearby? i should finally get one when franchise friday guests return what is the biggest mistake trying to get the franchise off the ground? iicannot concentrate with grilled chee and doughnuts delicious this. coming up. ♪ ♪ melissa: we're back with franchise friday what is next? and what surprises might be in store? welcome back our guest a franchise owner and also a franchise newcomer. we have some food in th
and details that elizabeth just laid out were picked up from the nsa surveillance program, and that the intent as she said is to attack all western, not just u.s. interest. >> tucker: we know the message that it sounds is that al qaeda is very powerful. powerful enough to force the most serious country in the world to close 21 embassies all qualify as u.s. soil. so, basically, we are taking our crews from al qaeda, still sending a powerful message about strength and weakness. >> look at the map of all of the embassies and con salutes being shut down as a result of this threat allegedly coming out of yemen from a cap, al qaeda, the rainian peninsula. i think, tucker, you make the right point, rarely, it's not unprecedented but rarely in american history have governmental operations in so many countries been shut down and we don't know how long he they are going to be shut down. what kind of signal does that send to the world and what kind of activity will take in the future to trigger even greater shutdowns and even more embassies and con salutes around the world. >> sends a message we often se
, but now with nsa leaker edward snowden finding asylum there and russia's anti-gay laws, the word boycott is emerging. we'll ask olympic medallist greg louganis what he thinks trussia should do. >>> there are only two doctors for every 100 people, and most can't afford to pay for it. we have a surgeon who is devoted to bringing surgery to the remote junk egles of his countr. >> we like people to dance and enjoy their life. but some cannot enjoy their life. it's a pleasure if i can help two or three people. i was serving people for 23 years. my name is george bwelle. i bring people medical services. they play drums to see things to come. we are starting by kmegs. in the afternoon we have a list of patients that we are going to operate. we are doing our own surgical procedures for free. >> translator: i have no money. that's where he helps me. >> we leave our address to all the patients that if there's any problems, they can come back to us. i help people and they are happy. i'm doing that to give them a restart. ♪ (woman) this place has got really good chocolate shakes. (growls) (man) th
in the past. whether the new alarm came from an intercept from nsa or a spy, analysts say it stood out. >> to close multiple embassies reflects the severity of the threat. >> reporter: and the alert is a warning to the terrorists. >> that we are watching them. that we are aware that those who may be talking about doing something harmful are aware that the u.s. is knowing what it is they're talking about. >> reporter: ten months after benghazi, a warning that u.s. diplomats might again be targeted and that ordinary travelers might be in danger. >>> another step forward for the gay community. the united states will immediately start treating visa applications of gay and lesbian spouses the same as it does for heterosexual spouses. john kerry made the statement after he arrived in london. getting a visa for homosexual spouses will be much easier. it comes after the obama administration asked them to review the policies. >>> becoming conscious of your clothing. we show you how a local non-profit is bringing awareness to a serious issue. >>> and does climate change impact crime? we'll have
's oppose big government and nsa spying on it. irs intimidating us. that is what tea party is all about. how dare charlie rangel make these statements? >> isn't the real problem charlie rangel has with the tea party is desire to shrink the government, if you shrink that, you shrink charlie rangel? >> it's about power, money, influence, control. you've been in office what? 100 years? what has he done for harlem? it's in horrible shape with jobs public schools, crime on the streets. he's own enriched himself for self fulfilling need. which is why he's been in office so long. people continue to vote for him. >> i don't understand the phrase white cracker, it seems redundant. >> i find it offensive, i'm for all americans to push back on this nonsense we have to talk going on all the time. in the black community and it's devicive. i'm with freedom work we have a project called for black conservatives to get action in grass roots and hold politician as ktable. it's not helping our country or race relations what he has said has done nothing for jobs in the black community. unemployment
this afternoon. thank you very much. let's go now to russia. nsa leaker edward snowden's whereabouts are a mystery. u.s. and russian officials are trying to contain the diplomatic fallout from the decision to grant him asylum. they met with a senior aide to putin to discuss his new status. joining me now is kimberly dosier with the associated press. let's listen to how he described this move by russia. >> russia has stabbed us in the back. and each day that snowden is allowed to roam free is another twist of the knife. as long as as prime minister putin acts like a bully, we have only one choice, to stand up to him and show him that bullies pay a price. >> so, kimberly, do you agree with senator schumer that this is like a knife in the back to the u.s.? because it's not like the u.s. and russia have had the best diplomatic relationship to begin with. do you think the u.s. might retaliate? >> well, as we reported, what this is for putin is a chance to put his thumb in the eye of the united states. this is a way to answer back to issues like the u.s. standing against russia on syria, t
's interesting, i haven't laid the two lists over each other, but i wonder if the nsa list, the list of people who are supporting nsa's right to invade privacy are the same folks who are wanting to hold on to the chain of command. i met is there are some similarities in the sense of like, must preserve the institutions just as they are. >> don't believe they can trust the institutions with that amount of power too. >> speaking of which, i wanted to ask you specifically, irin, about the college and university piece. there's a whole list of major colleges and universities currently under fire for not taking appropriate action against sexual assault, including amherst, berkeley, colorado boulder, dartmouth, georgetown, montana, university of north carolina chapel hill, notre dame, occidental, princeton, the naval academy, wesley and west point, william and mary, yale. all of these are schools where there are active questions about how they are managing this. what is it about this willingness to protect the perpetrators rather than believe the victims. >> the first thing is that we have always, yo
investigating the security company that performed the background checks on nsa leaker edward snowden and nearly half
these nsa programs that have been so hotly debated looking for patterns of communication over the internet and things that are posted on websites. you know, when you look at all your intelligence, you're looking at every source that you can use. so while we've had a lot of hype and hysteria, frankly, about threats to privacy of american citizens, it's the protection of americans from foreign threats, terrorists and other adversaries that these intelligence systems are designed to pick up. this is intended to spy on foreigners who hate the united states. and i got to believe these programs help contribute to the conclusion that we needed to take these steps. >> we're fortunate to be able to cover some ground with you, some good ground with you tonight. before i let you go, why sunday august 4 for this terrorist threat from al qaeda? >> well, there's a lot of speculation about significant dates. the coming at the end of ram dan and the like. s it could be there's a political significance to the date. could also be al qaeda's plans and capabilities have come together. we've had prison breaks
science, computer science. don't think for a minute that the nsa is surveying just terrorists, because you have homeland security saying the tea party is the terrorists. as soon as they have the information, why do you think the left doesn't care? the left knows the nsa isn't watching silicon valley. the left is watching conservatives. every bet as much as the irs targeted conserve -- conservatives. darrell issa is doing a remarkable job in congress. we need to support him, ted cruz, acknowledge that the me-too republicans, the john mccains, lindsey grahams and the mark -- marco rubio, if that's the republican party conservatives do not need the republican party. [applause] >> hi, joel. >> i am joel gilbert from highway 61 in entertain independent los angeles. i have two questions. given the history of failure of socialism and communism, what this try psychological motivation of today's socialists to still recommend this economic system, and secondly, would you be willing to be interviewed for my new movie? >> i've seen your movies before. be delighted. the appeal of socialism is very stro
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